About AuStainable

Austainable Brand Header Logo is designed to promote Sustainability Solutions in Australia, and across the World . . .

Noorinbee 073 - About AuStainable
A healthy and biodiverse Australian Forest Floor – Noorinbee, Victoria

A Website about Sustainability that is FREE to Use & Share

The information and businesses on AuStainable are intended to promote a green Australian lifestyle that considers the environment and the impact we have on it.  The plan is to inspire concepts, businesses and ideas that keep sustainability simple and fun – as well as network and promote a style of living that will ultimately make us all healthier and happier within ourselves and our communities.

The Past

Our Lessons from the Past are interesting snippets into the historical timeline that brought us to a time where Climate Change and pandemics are impacting us all. AuStainable is all about the solutions that each and every one of us can implement and therefore contribute to turning back the tide to a natural, biodiverse and healthy environment for us all.

The Future

Our Ideas for the Future and EcoBlog are designed to encourage small and practical lifestyle changes that will make a huge impact on reversing the effects of Climate Change, reducing needless waste and emissions, encouraging renewable energies and to ultimately guide us back to a more sustainable and organic lifestyle. 

Promoting Sustainable Enterprise

The AuStainable Directory is a FREE service created to promote and encourage sustainable businesses and enterprises throughout Australia. 

Authenticity required to List on AuStainable:

In order to ensure a valuable and authentic Directory, businesses must guarantee compliance with at least 50% of the following criteria:

  • Renewable Energy – e.g. Solar | Wind
  • Carbon Offset Scheme
  • Large, thriving organic Gardens encouraging Biodiversity
  • Organically grown or locally manufactured Foods
  • Cruelty Free Products
  • Accessible via Public Transport
  • No Single Use Containers
  • Ecological Cleaning | Cleaning Products | Laundering
  • Recycling of Waste
  • Green Buildings
  • Energy Saving Lighting & Appliances
  • Water Flow Reducers
  • Water Tanks
  • Reuse of Grey Water

Join us on this exciting journey to turn the tide back to a time where the air was clean, the oceans and waterways were clear, the landscape was thriving, and life was symbiotic with all that surrounded it.